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Russia is fearful about Bosnia – Information on-line


Russian President Vladimir Putin

Today, Moscow called on the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, to end the arbitrariness that harms normalization in the country.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that and said that it was time to abolish the foreign protectorate.

As it is stated, the Balkan media widely quotes Inzko’s letter addressed to the RS Assembly with a request to revoke the charters with decorations awarded to Radovan Karadzic, Biljana Plavsic and the late Momcilo Krajisnik within three months, calling them “convicted war criminals whose actions during the armed “conflicts shocked the world and caused unimaginable human suffering,” Sputnik reports.

“Without going into the essence of Inzko’s claims, we believe that it is necessary to remind that setting an ultimatum to the highest representative body of the Republika Srpska cannot be considered acceptable from a legal or moral point of view,” the Russian Ministry points out.

The High Representative reportedly did not even consult with the PIC Steering Board, which was invited to make political recommendations to the representative in such cases.

Moscow believes that Inzko’s insolent behavior once again calls into question his role in the process of interethnic reconciliation in BiH.

“By his actions and in the interpretation of his own mandate, he not only exceeds his powers, but is increasingly becoming a factor of destabilization, behaving completely contrary to the tasks entrusted to him by the Dayton Peace Agreement. “We call on Inzko to stop the arbitrariness that obviously harms the post-conflict normalization in BiH and brings additional tension into interethnic relations,” the Russian Ministry announced.

It is also stated that Inzko’s inappropriate demarche once again demonstrates an obvious fact – the unconstitutional institution of the High Representative in BiH has long lost its “added value” for solving the problems in BiH and has turned into a legal and political atavism.

“We are sure that the time has come to finally abolish this anachronistic mechanism of the foreign protectorate towards sovereign BiH, and to transfer all power in the country to its nation-building peoples and legally elected bodies,” the statement concluded.

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