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COLLAPSE The healthcare system in Croatia is cracking throughout the nation, right here is the scenario on the bottom and why management over the virus is being misplaced

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The hospital in Ogulin only accepts emergency patients. In Brod-Posavina County, the number of hospitalized has tripled in the last two weeks. In Osijek, the number of infected nurses and those in isolation rose to 100, while the number of patients on respirators increased by 60 percent, writes “Jutarnji hr” and adds that the Karlovac hospital was left without 10 percent of staff, so it is considering hiring doctors who retired.

The health care system is crashing across the country and failing to keep pace with the spread of the coronavirus. For example, in just one day, the number of patients increased by 95. On Saturday, 731 patients were hospitalized, and on Sunday, as many as 825.

“The health care system is facing an increasing challenge because the number of serious patients is increasing, and only yesterday there were 58 on the respirator. 226 patients were treated at the Dubrava Hospital yesterday, or 26 more than the previous day, which shows that hospitals are filling up very quickly,” he said. is the Minister of Health Willy Beros.

The healthcare system bursts before the onslaught of newly infectedPhoto: Profimedia

Dr. Ivo Ivić from the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the KBC in this city revealed what the situation is in Spit:

“Currently, we are treating 56 patients with the corona virus, six of whom are on a respirator. The occupancy rate of our covid beds is 38 percent and it is growing day by day. The numbers are rising and in ten days, and maybe even earlier, it could more than half of the 150 beds we have are filled “.

“The staff is good. We are on the verge of physical endurance,” said Irena Hristić, director of the Pula hospital.

The director of the Varaždin hospital, Dr. Nenad Kudelić, told RTL: “The situation is very serious, we are recording a drastic increase in the number of infected people and currently there are almost no wards without someone infected. If this trend of infecting medical staff continues, the hospital is in danger of collapse.”

In Croatia, by the way, medical staff are eight times more likely to suffer from corona than the rest of the population, writes “Jutarnji hr”.

“It’s hard to be a wizard in this situation, we fight as much as we can, but the circle around us is tightening. The hospital is functioning in a capacity reduced by 20 to 30 percent, but not the damage to quality. All emergencies and life-threatening cases are a priority,” pointed out the director of the General Hospital Karlovac Nikša Antica, adding that the first line of defense has not yet been breached.

“If this progression continues, the system will certainly overheat,” he said.

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