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Sahidja publishes the most beautiful photo with her husband

Safetja and Sahidja, or as the public knows them with “Motrat Mustafa” for many years have proven success in music, as a wonderful duo.

They remained one of the most popular Albanian music, where their songs are heard throughout the Albanian world.

In addition to successful careers, they also have healthy and happy families.

When we talk about Sahide, we remember that she has been married to Fadil for years and they have three children, Redola, Olisa and Dior.

It is not that we often see pictures where she appears with her husband, as she is more reserved in this regard.

But today, she has struck with an extremely beautiful image.

Next to her husband, as we are not used to seeing, Sahidja comes wearing tracksuits where she is combined with him.

Apparently the couple have used this warm weekend time to spend beautiful moments together.

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