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Spain does not plan to open a Liaison Office in Kosovo – Latest News

Spain has no plans to open a Liaison Office in Kosovo


Kosovo media reported that Spain is planning to open a Liaison Office in Kosovo.

They even said that the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, was committed to this.

But this has been denied by the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

Diplomatic sources told the newspaper “Zeri” that the attitude of the Spanish state towards the independence of Kosovo continues to be unchanged.

“There is no plan to open a Liaison Office in Pristina. “Spain’s position on non-recognition of independence, a decision adopted by Pristina in 2008, has not changed and will not change until the issue is resolved through dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina”, said this source within the Spanish MFA for “Zeri” “.

This Ministry considers the resumption of dialogue good news. He even says that it is necessary to use the moment to try to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties and that respects International Law.

“To achieve this goal, we have a High Representative, Mr. Borrelli, who is very interested in helping to resolve the conflict and with the wonderful work of the EU Special Representative, Miroslav Lajçakk, whom we fully support. “, Stressed the source for” Zeri “.

Spain, further said the source, is ready to cooperate, “as much as we can, in these efforts, because the priority for Spain is the political stability and economic prosperity of the Balkans.” / Voice

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