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Suspicion of explosive device: Witnesses say a bearded man left a bag in the Mall at 15:00

Witnesses of the Shopping Center in the Industrial Zone, in which an explosive device is suspected, have confessed on condition of anonymity that a person with a beard had left a bag inside the premises of this building around 15.00.

According to them, it was not known what was inside it, while the suspicions of an explosive device came when the person in question, even after seven hours, did not return to pull the bag for which the police have already been alerted and are working to solve this case.

The news was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Kosovo Police for the Prishtina region, Flora Ahmeti.

“Today around 22:00 we received information about a suspicious explosive device in a facility located in the industrial zone in Pristina.

The necessary police units immediately came to the scene and are dealing with the case ‘, said Ahmeti.

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