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Sveçla says bodies of injured arrive tomorrow, thanks Croatian government for help – Latest News

Svelala says the dead bodies of the injured will arrive tomorrow, thanks the Croatian government for the assistance providedPhoto: Laura Hasani

27 emigrants have returned from Croatia to Kosovo, after surviving the tragic accident that happened on Sunday in Slavonski Brod.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla thanked the commitment of the Croatian side for the assistance they have given to the citizens.

“The commitment of the Croatian side has been from the Prime Minister, the line ministers but also all the medical staff there and all the citizens we can say. On this occasion, I believe that we should all express our gratitude and thanks for this help that the Croatian people have provided us. We are convinced that without their help, the number of victims would be higher. Therefore, we have continuously expressed our gratitude, but I believe that this gratitude has been known by the whole society “, said Sveçla in a press conference.

He further added that the dead bodies of the injured are expected to arrive tomorrow morning.

“All necessary procedures for transporting the victims have been completed. Their bodies are on their way to Kosovo. We believe that early in the morning they will arrive here and then with the support of all the families we will organize the funeral ceremonies. At the same time, we continue to take care of all the injured who have come to Kosovo, but also for those who are still in Croatia “, Sveçla announced. / Voice

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