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Tender over one million euros – “Municipality of Prizren did not reflect even after the arrest of document forgers” – Latest News

Tender over one million euros -

Kenan Gashi from the network of NGOs, AVONET, has congratulated the decision of the Basic Prosecution in Prizren to arrest two people on suspicion of winning a tender with forged documents.

It was AVONET that discovered that the tender of 1.34 million euros for the installation and repair of existing public lighting in the municipality of Prizren had been won by a company with fictitious documents.

“The Basic Prosecution has acted in accordance with its obligations and duties and has also taken the necessary measures to take our findings as a basis and has acted in accordance with the law and at the same time the suspects have been arrested for whom we have made public our findings that Avoneti has considered to be physical documents and here they have managed to win the tender of millions to take appropriate measures and for this reason is one of the reports which we have requested from the Basic Prosecution of Prizren and The State Prosecution to take the necessary measures “, said Gashi in Klan Kosova.

Gashi said that during the research they had encountered an unreal document and this has been verified through the Kosovo Tax Agency.

“We have addressed that question and request to the relevant institutions to verify how much the document is original and we have found that it is a fictitious document, it is not registered with either the buyer or the seller.”

“Now the Basic Prosecution of Prizren has taken the necessary actions but we have not yet seen the reflection of the municipality of Prizren acting specifically against the operator with whom he met the criteria with false documents that has misled the municipality of Prizren, but also falsified documents ”.

Gashi said that the municipality of Prizren has problems with setting criteria, and expressed doubts once again the doubts that some tenders are given to people close to or recommended by the municipal institution.

“We have seen that the municipality of Prizren has significant problems with setting and orienting them towards setting criteria.”

“We have always had suspicions that tenders are often prepared for certain individuals in the municipality of Prizren, for this reason we have started researching and monitoring some of the procurement activities and we have encountered that some procurement activities are directly related to people who are close or have an attempt to award tenders to people recommended by the municipal institution ”.

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