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The actor of “Friends” affected by cancer, kept it hidden for 3 years – Latest News

One of the stars of the series “Friends”, James Michael Tyler, has declared that he suffers from prostate cancer. The actor known for his role as ‘Gunther’ has revealed that he is facing this disease since September 2018, but has kept it hidden from the public. Tyler said he is currently undergoing chemotherapy and has therefore not become part of the reunion of the series.

Recall that 17 years after the final episode of “Friends”, the protagonists of one of the most watched series of all time returned to an exclusive “reunion” for HBO Max.

The comeback was not a real episode, but a general retrospective on the series, narrated directly by the actors who were part of it. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler, once again sat on the iconic couch, from where they gave so much laughter to their fans, talking without gloves about the cast selection, the strong friendship inside and outside the show , also revealing many pre-scenes./a2cnn

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