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The aggravated situation with the pandemic, Kurti is expected to meet with the mayors of Kosovo tomorrow

Tomorrow, Prime Minister Albin Kurti will meet with Kosovo mayors to discuss the pandemic situation in the country.

The decision for the meeting came after the director of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, Sazan Ibrahimi, reacted earlier to the government’s negligence in making municipalities part of the Pandemic Management Committee.

Ibrahimi in a response to the Telegraph, said that it is surprising how the Government has not even contacted them to discuss this issue.

“How can a group be called a coordinator when the representatives of the municipalities are not there.

I do not know how the institutions where the measures are implemented can be forgotten (intentionally or unintentionally “, said Ibrahimi.

He further stressed that the measures against coronavirus are not implemented in Government offices but in municipalities, where there is a development of citizens’ lives.

“Anti-COVID measures are not implemented in government offices but in municipalities because the life of the citizen takes place there and not in government offices and without cooperation with municipalities I do not know how the implementation of measures can succeed,” said Ibrahimi.

Otherwise, on Monday Kosovo registered another 20 victims as a result of COVID-19.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Health, in the previous 24 hours, 932 new cases of coronavirus infections have been registered./Telegrafi.

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