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Kecmanović dropped two units of benefits and misplaced within the first spherical

Kecmanovic knelt down after more than four hours and 20 minutes of fighting the Frenchman Rindernek.

It seemed as if the Serbian tennis player would record a routine victory, since he won the first two sets, but a complete collapse and reversal of the rival followed.

In order for the match to be very uncertain, he hinted at the first set. After 12 games, no break was seen, so the tie-break decided the winner of the set.

Kecmanović was better in the additional part with 12:10 and took the lead in sets.

One break in the second set was enough for the Serbian tennis player to win with 6: 3 and take the lead with 2: 0 in sets.

It was expected that Kecmanović would use the momentum that was on his side and bring the match to an end, but that did not happen.

Rindernek came to life in the third set, in which he had a break advantage and led with 5: 3.

Miomir managed to equalize at 5: 5, but then lost the serve, so the Frenchman won the third set with 7: 5.

The big fight was seen in the fourth set, which lasted almost an hour, and which, thanks to one break, went to Rindernek with 6: 3, so the French tennis player equalized 2: 2 in the sets.

The decisive, fifth set, did not go the way the Serbian tennis player wanted.

Kecmanović immediately lost the game on his serve, and then the Frenchman confirmed the break and took the lead with 2: 0.

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