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The “carrot or stick” policy should not be allowed at all

LDK Deputy Chairman Lutfi Haziri has warned the Kosovo government that it must be careful about how it approaches the dialogue.

In “Blic Interview”, Haziri said that the policy of “carrot or stick” should not be allowed at all.

“What is important is that the government is careful.

“The policy of ‘carrot or stick’ should not be allowed at all, that is, where an international conference is organized, where the parties sit at the table and then you have to choose, get or leave,” said Haziri, among others.

Haziri also revealed details from the meeting they had together with Abdixhik with Palmer and Lajçak.

Haziri said the main message from the internationals was that the mediators would agree with what the parties agreed.

“They said that we will agree with what the parties agree on,” said Haziri, among others.

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