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The deadline for farmers to apply for subsidies opens on Wednesday

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development announces that starting from Wednesday it will open the application for subsidizing farmers.

In a press conference, Minister Faton Peci said that 21 million euros are available for the Direct Payments Program.

“This is the week we are announcing the support of farmers through subsidies.

We have 21 million euros available for the Direct Payments Program, where in total the support during this fiscal year will reach the figure of over 50 million euros.

“I invite all farmers to apply from Wednesday”, Peci announced, Telegrafi reports.

He indicates that they are working on drafting two strategies and 27 draft laws.

“We are working on drafting the Rural Development Strategy and the Forest Management Strategy.

We are in the process of drafting 27 draft laws that are within the deadline of the Legislative Agenda of the Government of Kosovo “, he said.

Peci also spoke about the innovations of this program, as he said to prevent abuses.

“In terms of wheat, the support will be 50 percent by area, while 50 percent by ranking.

As for the growers, the support will be escalated, 1 thousand euros per hectare for farmers who have over 100 hectares cultivated with grapes “, said Peci.

In the end, according to Peci, farmers will be given as much financial resources as available.

“We will distribute funds to farmers as much as is available, so we will not remain in financial obligations,” he concludes. / Telegraphy /

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