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The effects of blue light: Why you should not use your phone at bedtime – Latest News

Effects of blue light: Why you should not use your phone at bedtime

Creating good habits (disciplines) not only helps you in every aspect of your life and career as a student, or professional. At the same time, the use of technological equipment in daily life and work is also a great help.

But, the time you spend as well as the ways of using technological equipment are not without impact! Especially if you begin to understand the negative impacts that bad habits and ways of using can have on your life.

Conclusions of Dr. Dan Siegel, professor of clinical psychiatry at the School of Medicine at UCLA (USA), shows how the misuse of electronic devices with screens (cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) negatively affect the biological processes associated with sleep, as well as our own mental and physical well-being.

According to him, light reflected from electronic devices, such as mobile phones, before going to sleep creates the opposite effect of sleep. Screen light stimulates your brain to stay awake beyond the time or place you would normally sleep, thereby directly reducing the hours needed for sleep.

Most people need to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day to recover energy and regenerate biological processes in your brain and body. But using the screen before going to bed makes you not feel sleepy right away and consequently not getting enough.

Dr. Siegel explains that the negative effects of sleep deprivation are felt immediately after you: you have less energy to cope with the day, your concentration drops, memory does not function properly, the brain’s analytical ability is reduced,

insulin levels, which regulate metabolism, are disrupted by prompting you to eat more and / or gain weight, as well as increasing the level of toxins in your brain cells, etc.

Consequently, Dr. Siegel strongly advises discontinuing the use of screens at least one hour before bedtime. According to him, the use of the screen is a situation with very serious negative effects, but that remains something that we can change by deciding to keep the screens off at night and thus giving sleep the necessary priority!

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