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The first night of ‘Eurovision’, the biggest music event that unites the European continent returns – Latest News

The first night of 'Eurovision', returns the biggest music event that unites the European continent

The TV show that unites Europe is back after being canceled last year due to the pandemic. The Netherlands is the host of this year, more specifically Rotterdam, and this was the first semi-final.

The race, which this year brings competitors from 39 countries around Europe, as well as Australia and Israel, is one of the biggest events staged since the pandemic began.

It is evolving as the continent begins to emerge from isolation and restrictive measures due to infection.

An audience of 3,500 participants, previously tested for COVID-19, were allowed into the Rotterdam Ahoy Hall to watch the performances.

29 winners from the semifinals will join the contestants from the top five of Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and of course, the host Netherlands, in Saturday’s grand final.

Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden, Australia, Northern Macedonia, Ireland, Cyprus, Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Malta participated in the first semifinal, but only 10 of them passed the first stage.

The second semifinal will take place on Thursday, in which the representative of Albania, Anxhela Peristeri, will perform with the song “Karma” ./ Euronews.al

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