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They beat their mother and brother, father and son from Mamusha are detained – Latest News

They beat their mother and brother, father and son from Mamusha are detained

The Department of Serious Crimes in the Basic Court in Prizren, respectively the judge of the procedure Ajser Skenderi, has imposed the measure of detention for thirty days against the defendants EB and SB, due to the suspicion based on the fact that in co-perpetration they committed the criminal offense “injury of lightly bodily ”, while the defendant SB, also due to the suspicion that he has committed the criminal offense of“ unauthorized possession, control or possession of weapons ”.

The court, when ordering detention on remand for the defendants EB and SB, has assessed that there are legal reasons for imposing detention on remand.

According to the Court, “on 03 May 2021, in Mamusha in the family house, the defendants in co-perpetration cause minor bodily injuries to close relatives, a case which results in the temporary damage of a part of the body of another person, in that way that after a preliminary dispute between defendant SB and the injured party (defendant SB’s wife, who is defendant EB’s mother), the defendants punched the injured party in the body, then defendant EB dragged the same from the place where the conflict took place to another room, while the defendant EB slapped his brother – the injured party – in the face, causing both minor bodily injuries ”.

Defendant SB, until May 17, 2021, in his house has owned and possessed weapons in violation of the Law on Weapons of the Republic of Kosovo and without the authorization of the competent body: five (5) pistols, 317 bullets “7.65 mm caliber and two cartridges of unknown caliber”, said the Court.

Whether these facts will be argued, the Court says will be assessed at further stages of the criminal proceedings.

The judge of the procedure has assessed that the reasons for ordering detention remain, as the investigative procedure is in the initial stage, and further further evidence should be taken in order to clarify the event.

Also, when ordering detention on remand, the trial judge took into account the gravity of the criminal offense, the manner and circumstances in which the criminal offense was committed, the fact that the two defendants – father and son attacked and caused injuries to victims (family members). as well as taking into account the personal characteristics of the defendants for committing these criminal offenses, as it follows from the statement of the injured parties (victims) that the same “have previously exercised physical violence against victims”, as and the fact that “the injured parties, out of fear for their lives and safety, were forced to leave the house”, as well as the fact that “the defendants threatened not to allow the injured party to return home” , therefore, taking into account the above, as well as the safety of the injured parties, it is the opinion of the court that the detention on remand is well-founded and reasonable for ensuring the presence and normal development of the flow of pro criminal assignment.

Against this decision, the dissatisfied party has the right to appeal to the Court of Appeals, but the appeal against this decision did not postpone its execution. / Voice

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