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The hearing in the case where Enver Sekiraqa is accused of inciting the murder of the late Triumf Riza is expected to start in the Court of Prishtina

In the Basic Court in Prishtina, today is expected to continue the trial in the case where Enver Sekiraqa is accused of inciting the murder of Triumf Riza.

In the last session held on March 29 this year, the witness Visar Riza, brother of the late Triumf Riza, was heard, reports “Oath for Justice”.

Otherwise, the Basic Court in Prishtina, for the second time on September 16, 2019, had found Enver Sekiraqa guilty of inciting the murder of former police officer Triumf Riza and had sentenced him to 30 years.

However, the Court of Appeals on March 6, 2020, had decided to approve Sekiraqa’s appeal by returning the case for a second time for retrial, as according to the Appeal the first instance verdict was obtained in violation of the provisions of criminal procedure.

According to the Appeal, the court of first instance held the adjourned trial with a changed trial panel and did not start again. This court also found that the enacting clause of the appealed judgment was vague, incomprehensible and contradictory, while in the reasoning according to the Appeal were not given sufficient and clear reasons regarding the decisive facts, as well as the legality of the evidence provided by PTK- yes.

Therefore, this court has instructed the court of first instance to state exactly what were the incriminating actions that the accused Sekiraqa had committed or not in this criminal case, as well as to re-evaluate the legality of the control of the premises “Bar Sekiraqa”, in compliance with the Code of Criminal Procedure in order to assess whether these pieces of evidence collected during the search of the premises were admissible.

Also, this court had instructed that in the retrial the witnesses Abedin Canolli be heard regarding the role of Sekiraqa in his group, about the people who obeyed the orders of Sekiraqa and how he charged the duties Canolli and Xhafer Bislimi.

Sekiraqa for the same case was convicted on May 17, 2016, for two criminal offenses for “incitement to commit aggravated murder” and for the offense “coercion” with a single sentence of 37 years in prison, and was released for the criminal offense “rape” .

However, the Court of Appeals, on October 24, 2019, held a hearing regarding the imposition of a security measure on Enver Sekiraqa, after the same court on October 19, in the evening, released him from detention and against him had imposed the measure of house arrest.

Three appellate judges, two from EULEX, Elka Ermenkova and Anna Adamska-Gallant, and local judge Mejreme Memaj, voted to change the security measure against him.

But, this court, after only two days, had decided to return Enver Sekiraqe to detention, and for this reason, a photo was published on the social network, by friends who had visited him after his release from detention.

With this, the court of second instance, had assessed that Enver Sekiraqa has violated the measure of house arrest, which was assigned to him.

Otherwise, in the session of the Court of Appeals, which was held on September 6 last year, where the appellate claims of the parties were examined, Enver Sekiraqa, had asked to be released from detention and to defend himself at large.

As a guarantee for his release, Sekiraqa had offered his property, including a house, a bar and a sum of money, which he said he would raise with the help of his family.

The International Prosecutor of the Appellate Prosecution, Anca Stan, in the September 6 session of the Appellate Panel, had stated that apart from the allegations in the appeal there was nothing to add, but the same had said that the request of the defense to exclude some of the evidence crucial are wrong.

In April 2014, the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo had filed an indictment against Enver Sekiraqa for three criminal offenses, incitement to murder Triumf Riza, “coercion” and “rape”, where for the latter, the court of first instance had pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution claims that the incident that took place in “Swiss Casino” between Sekiraqa and Riza was one of the motives that led to the murder of Triumf Riza.

The incident at Swiss Casino took place in December 2006, and involved Enver Sekiraqa and some of his companions on one side, and the late Triumf Riza and Arben Selmani on the other. Arben Selmani was seriously injured in this incident.

Triumf Riza was killed on August 30, 2007, a murder for which Arben Berisha was sentenced to 35 years in prison, while Enver Sekiraqa to 37 years.

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