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“The last time you went out with a boy?”, Fifi surprises with the answer

The well-known Albanian singer, Filloreta Raçi – Fifi, often becomes part of the pink media for her private life as well.

As it was recently rumored about her connection with “Straqatella”, who immortalized his nickname with a tattoo, their end was split.

In the opportunity given on InstaStory, questions and answers, the artist was asked: “When was the last time you went out on a date with a dog”.

Fifi’s response was, “N ‘2018”, attached to an emoji laughing with tears.

Can we believe it to be true?

The emoji she has attached may leave in doubt that her answer was not realistic but also true since we are in 2021 and the emoji may be from her laughter that so much time has passed.

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