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The Municipality of Prishtina extends the working hours, up to 3 hours waiting for services

Property tax counters in the Municipality of Prishtina, from Monday will offer services from 08:00, so that the expectations of citizens are shorter.

This decision was communicated by the municipality after this morning the citizens of Prishtina have been waiting in front of the building of this municipality for several hours, to fulfill their obligations for vehicle registration.

Afron Totaj, a citizen from Prishtina said that he waited three hours to make the payments.

“We came from 7:30, 10:30 now. We left work badly to come here and wait for me. We are waiting to make a payment for the property, for car registration. We were waiting in line and municipal officials came after us. This is not the first time we expect, last year was like that, but last year we had in mind that it was the time of the pandemic. We have completely left the job to come here, there must be someone who takes responsibility for what is happening here “, said Totaj.

Also, Hasan Gashi is dissatisfied with the services provided in all institutions.

“It is not like that today, we wait in line every day, not only here but in every institution. Every day we have it like this. This is very irresponsible. We have been waiting since 7 o’clock in the morning, creating a commotion “, said Gashi.

“We inform you that in order to better manage the service for citizens, starting from Monday, June 21, property tax counters will provide services from 08:00 until the end of hours,” said in a statement of the Municipality of Prishtina.

This, according to them, will help the whole process and will reduce the waiting time at the counters.

We recall that the Municipality of Prishtina even days ago decided to extend the working hours at the property tax counters.

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