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The search for the missing man from Vushtrri continues from February 9 – Latest News

The search for the missing man from Vushtrri from February 9 continues

The search for Driton Strana, from Vushtrri, continues.

The 56-year-old has been reported missing since February 9.

On this occasion, the mayor of Vushtrri, Xhafer Tahiri, visited the units of the Kosovo Security Force and the Kosovo Police that are dealing with the search.

Tahiri asked all citizens to help find Strana.

“Today I visited the KSF search and rescue unit headed by first class sergeant Safet Kelmemdi, who is searching for the missing person Driton Strana, missing without a trace since February 9, 2021.”

“KSF, Police and the Municipal Directorate of Emergencies are cooperating closely and are looking for Mr. Driton Strana, while anyone who has information about this citizen, please inform the Kosovo Police “./ klankosova

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