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The start of school on September 27 is important, the damage to students from not attending school is extremely great

The beginning of the new school year in Kosovo did not start on September 1, due to the aggravated situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the many challenges and the fight against the pandemic, the start of the new school year was initially postponed to September 13, and then it was decided to postpone it again to September 27.

Finally, on Monday, students will return to school benches.

In this regard, the expert on education issues, Rinor Qehaja in a statement for the Telegraph said that the start of classes on September 27 is very important and that other options were unacceptable.

“The lesson, indisputably good, is starting in full on Monday, September 27th – any other option would be unacceptable.

Everyone is clear, the harm to students from not attending school is extremely greater compared to the risk of the virus at school.

I remind that the recommendation of the World Health Organization is for physical return to schools “, said Qehaja.

He added that students could not be harmed any more and that postponement would not be the solution.

“The main preoccupation for this school year should be the commitment to a greater quality in teaching and learning, in the hope that we will recover the losses so far – the pandemic is here for much longer than we thought,” said Qehaja.

Otherwise, on Thursday, the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia said that the lesson will start on September 27, while the decision on this is expected to be taken today by the Government of Kosovo. / Telegraphy /

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