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The state allocated close to 2 million euros for ‘Viva Fresh’, ‘ETC’ and ‘Interex’ that did not stop working for a day during the pandemic

Nearly two million Euros, in total, subsidy from the state, from a package of 60 million for Recovery, have benefited the three model networks “Viva Fresh”, “Elkos” and “Interex”, despite the fact that all three businesses have worked continuously during the period of the pandemic.

Over 860 thousand Euros subsidy, the Hoti Government, turns out to have given only to Viva Fesh, based on the document published by the Minister of Finance Hekuran Murati.

The state has given over 675 thousand Euros to “Ekos” (ETC) of the businessman Ramiz Kelmendi, former deputy prime minister of the LDK in the Government of Isa Mustafa, writes Reporteri.net.

And over 335 thousand Euros have been allocated for ‘Proex SHPK’, which operates as a network of ‘INTERX’ models.

Over 205 thousand Euros subsidy from the state turns out to have received ‘Super Viva’, while over 146 thousand Euros have benefited the ‘Meridian Express’ markets.

Under 100 thousand Euros, from this package distributed in October last year by the Hoti government, have benefited other models of models, whose work has continued during the pandemic, unlike many other businesses that have been forced to interrupt work due to anti-covid measures. Reporters

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