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These are the water supply recommendations for saving water

The Regional Water Company “Prishtina” has announced that the water level in Lake Batllava is still at the maximum overflow quota.

The water level in Lake Badoc is -3 meters below the maximum level of overflow.

The company says the drinking water supply is quite stable.

“We are in the spring season and what is necessary is the rational consumption of drinking water. What can each of us do to stop the misuse of water, to save water for the following periods: Do not allow water to flow in vain from your faucet, Do not use drinking water to wash cars, Do not use drinking water for construction in cities, do not clean sidewalks with drinking water, Do not forget to turn off the tap during the process of brushing your face and teeth, Do not irrigate gardens and fields with drinking water, Pay regularly for water you consume, Do not allow unauthorized interference in the network of water supply, we are all water users, therefore we are also responsible to use it as fairly as possible “, it is said in the announcement.

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