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This is how Blero introduced his family to Afrona

The singer, Blero, has been living a beautiful love story with Afrona Dika for several years.

Although they are married, they live at a distance because Afrona lives in Switzerland and Blero in Kosovo.

Recently the famous couple has revealed some details from personal life.

Blero confessed on the show “Rudina” that half an hour after talking to Afrona, he had introduced her to his entire family.

“The night we started communicating on Facebook, I was in Germany with my uncle’s family.

I was smoking outside and while communicating with Afrona he took a picture of me, I went inside and there were 20 or 30 of us and I told him to stop for a moment, do you like that?

They said oh how beautiful.

As soon as we started talking, it was the first day, the first hour. I took a selfie with the family and took it.

I introduced Afrona with her family in the first half hour, I usually do not go to the family to tell them if you like this, it has never happened in my life “, Blero said.

The latter indicated that he had to travel to Prishtina the next day, but when he was at the airport he changed his destination.

The singer has cut the ticket to Zurich to meet Afrona.

On the same day, Blero published a photo with Afronë on social networks, where the media started alluding to a possible relationship, and they are now married.

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