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Two schools in Prishtina switch to online education, a situation that is aggravated in other schools as well

Due to the number of people infected with coronavirus, the lower secondary schools “Abdyl Frashëri” and “Gjin Gazuli” in Prishtina have switched to online education, according to scenario C.

This was announced by the director of Education in Prishtina, Shpresa Shala.

On her Facebook account, she said that the situation is aggravated in other schools as well.

She prayed for the parents to take extra care of the children.

“Dear students, parents, teachers and school staff, seeing the increase in the number of cases of ‘Covid-19’ in recent days in schools, we ask you to strictly respect the measures ‘Anti-covid-19’ according to protocol. We also ask parents to take extra care of their children outside the school (going-coming / school-home and vice versa).

Consequently, if the children have any of the symptoms (already known), they should be isolated at home and notify the representatives of the respective school and the NIPHK for testing.

So only with added caution in adhering to the measures can we keep schools open.

“Easy and fast recovery for the infected and increased CARE for everyone else in the school and outside it”, wrote Shala.

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