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Uran Ismaili signs commitments for Ulpiana neighborhood

The candidate for Mayor of Prishtina, Uran Ismaili has continued with the signing of work commitments that he will do in the neighborhoods and villages of Prishtina.

Today, in front of dozens of residents of the Ulpiana neighborhood, Ismaili signed his concrete commitments which he said he would complete by 2024.

He has said that these commitments will remain as evidence that you can not forget.

“You will see them and it will be easier for me to keep my word,” he said, among other things.

“Ulpiana must be clean in every part of the neighborhood. Garbage containers can no longer be black spots in the neighborhood. The tunnels can no longer be dark and dangerous. Stray dogs can not endanger the children of our loved ones. We need to live a more peaceful and secure life altogether. “, He said.

Ismaili promised that by October 2024 he would fix the following problems of Ulpiana:

– Transforming the Ulpiana market into an attractive place for traders and citizens

– Efficient lighting on every street in the neighborhood

– Fountain adjustment

– Adding garbage collection points and road baskets

– Complete cleanliness in every part of the neighborhood, including tunnels

– Parking for each family

– Treatment and maintenance of all existing green spaces and their connection with the central spaces

– Treatment of the facade and other problems of Ulpiana solitaire

– Removal of asbestos from the roofs of buildings

– Treatment of buildings and expansion of the project by NPB for entrances and facades

– Transformation of the former neighborhood shelter into a community center

– Addition of green belts along the main roads

– Regulation and maintenance of the overpass at the school “Ali Sokoli”

– Removing the problem of stray dogs

– Addition of new paths for cyclists and connection of existing ones to the network

– Regulation and maintenance of sports fields

– Arrangement of public spaces in the shopping center (Lesna)

– Maintenance and lighting of all tunnels in the neighborhood

“These are my commitments for Ulpiana. We have to fix Prishtina and each of its neighborhoods together. The scheme complained, the scheme looked back. We have done our best for Prishtina, because Prishtina unites us. “, Ismaili concluded.

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