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Uran Ismaili stops with the guests on the Sun Coast

The candidate for mayor of Prishtina, Uran Ismaili is continuing with the nights in different neighborhoods of Prishtina.

After Hajvalia, he has now stopped to spend the night in Bregun e Diellit, part of the well-known neighborhood of Xhambazta, a visit which he has documented with the following video, which he has published on various social network channels.

In the published video, it is seen that Ismaili, in addition to spending the night with a family in the Sun Coast, he together with the members of that family and the residents of this part of the capital have also arranged the neighborhood fountain, children’s playground and have done other necessary arrangements together with the residents of the neighborhood.

The series of videos of Uran Ismaili from various overnight stays in the neighborhoods of Prishtina has made a lot of noise and has been extremely liked by citizens who have commented very positively on his recent public activity.

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