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US Ambassador to the Balkans: Do not send special units to a KFOR location – Latest News

US Envoy for the Balkans: Do not send special units to a place where there is KFOR

Serbia and Kosovo should refrain from harmful rhetoric, discuss the issue of license plates in Brussels and not militarize the current situation on the border, Gabriel Escobar, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and the new envoy, told VOA. of the State Department for the Western Balkans.

Escobar, who previously served as US deputy ambassador to Serbia and took over from Matthew Palmer in early September, says the US is intensively engaged with European partners due to rising tensions between Serbia and Kosovo and hopes for progress this week. future.

“We believe that both sides should refrain from harmful rhetoric and focus their attention and energy on the EU-supported dialogue, a dialogue that we fully support,” said Garbiel Escobar, adding that he is in touch with daily with Miroslav Lajçaku, representative of the EU dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Zeri.info reports.

“He has some big proposals, he is trying to bring both sides to Brussels, both on the license plate issue, to discuss a lasting solution, and there are some good solutions, but it’s up to both sides to agree to. discuss them, and go to Brussels to look into the matter.However, I think it is not the task of both sides to militarize this issue, not to send special units to a place where there is KFOR and where there is no need for “As far as the issue of license plates is concerned, we would like to see some progress in Brussels in the next seven days,” Escobari told VOA’s Balkan Service, hosted by the head of the Albanian service. Arben Xhxho, reports Zeri.info.

The US diplomat adds that many immediate issues need to be resolved, such as the issue of missing persons and energy – stressing that everything should be done through dialogue.

He says the United States is committed to a solution based on mutual recognition between the two countries and supports dialogue under the auspices of the EU, but this process has continued for 10 years without much progress. Asked if it was time for a new approach, Escobari said it was time to renew efforts for dialogue.

“Dialogue needs support, European support,” he said in the interview. / Voice

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