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COVID-19, once more international pandemic slowdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed again this week in the world, according to the latest data.

With 510,000 cases of infection recorded every day worldwide this week, the indicator has dropped significantly, by -8 percent, compared to last week.

Improvement in most regions

This week, most regions of the world are seeing their situation improve: -32 percent in Africa; -25 percent tissue in the US / Canada area; -21 percent in the Middle East; -7 percent in Asia and -2 percent in Oceania, where the virus does not circulate much.

However, the situation is deteriorating in Latin America and the Caribbean: + 33 percent, a sharp increase in the figure.

Stronger acceleration

Singapore is the country where the epidemic is accelerating the most (+ 129 percent, 1,300 new cases per day), among those who have registered at least 1,000 daily infections over the past week.

It is followed by Romania (+ 75 percent, 5,400 cases), Ukraine (+ 58 percent, 5,600 cases), Syria (+ 23 percent, 1,900 cases) and Turkey (+ 23 percent, 31,200 cases) .

The strongest declines

In contrast, it is Botswana (-51 percent, 600 new cases per day) that recorded the largest decline this week, ahead of Japan (-50 percent, 3,900), Sri Lanka (-43 percent, 1 700), South Africa (-39 percent, 2,700) and Azerbaijan (-38 percent, 1,500).

Larger infections

The US remains by far the country with the highest number of new infections in absolute terms this week (126,000 daily cases, -26 percent), ahead of the UK (32,400, + 10 percent) and Turkey (31 200, + 23 percent).

In proportion to the population, the country with the most new cases this week is Serbia (653 per 100,000 inhabitants), ahead of Mongolia (630) and Cuba (496).


The US has the highest number of daily deaths, 2,041 per day this week, ahead of Russia (801), which today reported a record 828 deaths from COVID-19 in 24 hours, and Mexico (542).

Globally, daily deaths have dropped (8,384 per day, -9 percent).


The countries that are vaccinating the fastest this week are mainly in Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

With its three-dose vaccines, Cuba has the fastest rate among countries with more than one million people, administering doses to 2.69 percent of its population every day.

Cambodia (1.46 percent) and Iran (1.36 percent) top the top three.

The UAE remains the country with the most advanced vaccination campaign, with 199 doses administered per 100 inhabitants, ahead of Uruguay (176) and Israel (171).

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