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Vaccination starts in the Home for the Elderly in Prishtina, the residents do not hesitate

Vaccination of the elderly in care homes and social workers who care for them and patients on dialysis started on Wednesday.

At the Pristina Nursing Home, residents have not hesitated to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hadije Braha, an official at the Home for the Elderly, said that social workers have been vaccinated and the residents have started to be vaccinated, adding that they have not hesitated.

“They did not hesitate to get the vaccine. “Everyone agrees to take it,” she said.

Braha said that the reason the residents have not hesitated is because they want to go out and visit relatives. She also talked about the services that are provided in the care home.

“Services are 24 hours a day, without interruption, always under care. We have a doctor, he is a complete staff to fulfill the needs they need. We were also equipped with protective material, there were no problems. “They were also disciplined,” she said.

Braha indicated that there were cases of infection within this nursing home, but that there were no deaths.

Meanwhile, residents who have been vaccinated today, have said that they feel good after receiving the vaccine.

One of them says that despite being vaccinated, he still does not feel safe to go outside. Insists she will continue to be disciplined to not let herself get the coronavirus.

Another says he is happy with the vaccine because he can now visit family members without fear.

There are currently 65 residents and 52 employees in the Home for the Elderly in Prishtina.

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