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Vjosa Osmani describes the judokas as the best ambassadors of Kosovo – Latest News

Vjosa Osmani describes the judokas as the best ambassadors of Kosovo

April 06, 2021 – 12:36

The newly elected President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani today held a meeting with the well-known judo champion, Majlinda Kelmendi and Driton Kuka.

President Osmani said that she appreciates the judokas of Kosovo very much knowing that they brought to Kosovo many medals from different countries of the world and that we should give them a lot of support.

Osmani stressed that through them the state of Kosovo has made history.

She said: For me, it was very important as the newly elected president of the country to hold the first meeting with those who were the best and most successful ambassadors of our state at a time when both politics has failed and diplomacy has failed, were Majlinda, Nora and Distria and other judokas who together with the coaches who made our hearts mountain but above all honored our country, raised the flag of the Republic of Kosovo and honored their country in the way best possible even in countries that have not recognized Kosovo “,

While the champion Kelmendi said: “I just wanted to wish you prosperity in work and success, I am very hopeful and I believe that you will be where people need you and when for you. “I very much hope that you will be with us at the Olympics, we are a total of five competitors and I am very confident that we will win at least one or two medals and be part of our success.” / Voice

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