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VUCIC WITH NEW MEASURES AND VACCINES “I’ve all the time been for some form of curfew, however … 1.eight MILLION DOSES PROVIDED

November 12, 2020

VUCIC WITH NEW MEASURES AND VACCINES “I have always been for some kind of curfew, but … 1.8 MILLION DOSES PROVIDED

“People in our country, together with the Government of Serbia, have set out in search of vaccines, to procure for us in the fastest and safest way, and to reduce the catastrophic impact that the crown has on our lives and economy,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

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As he said, we will try to provide vaccines for those who are most exposed and who are at risk of infection by the end of January.

It is about 1.8 million doses, which will probably be from “Pfizer”, but negotiations are also underway with Chinese and Russian partners.

– We will have the first vaccines before the end of December – he pointed out.

As he said, the state will accept all measures of the Crisis Staff when it comes to preventing the corona virus pandemic, because human health is the most important thing.

– But, we must also protect our economy, to take care that certain western countries will have greater availability of vaccines than us – he said.

Who to talk to about vaccines

As he said, a letter of intent was signed with the Chinese “Sinofarm”, but for now there is nothing more concrete in that field.

– We signed with “Kovaks” on September 18, and the dynamics of delivery is such that we will receive 110,000 doses by the end of December, then 300,000 in the first quarter, also in the second, and even more in the third … – said Vučić.

He stated that a letter of intent was also signed with the Russians, and pointed out that all these vaccines must also pass domestic controls.

About curfew

Speaking about the possible introduction of new measures, Vučić says that the Crisis Staff is taking care at all times.

– I’ve always been for some kind of curfew, and solve everything in 15 days. I believe in their knowledge, and their expertise, and we will listen to them. I don’t think that there is any special benefit from closing from six to six hours – said Vučić.

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