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Occasions of February ninth

The NGO “Rise of the Voice” submits for the ninth time to the Constitutional Court on the assessment of the constitutionality of the legal act of the Supreme Court, in the case of rejection of lawsuits for compensation of war damages. (Constitutional Court, time 09:00)

Agenda of meetings of LDK candidate for Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti:

12:30 – restaurant “Goni” Malisheva

14:00 – Rahovec House of Culture

15:45 – Primary school “Asllan Berisha” Rogova

17:00 – Palace of Culture Gjakova

VV candidate for prime minister Albin Kurti and acting president Vjosa Osmani are taking part in an election rally in Suhareka. (City Square “Fadil Vata” at 13:30)

Social Democratic Initiative electoral rally in Gjakova. (Palace of Culture “Asim Vokshi”, time 16:00)

The chairman of PDK, at the same time the candidate for prime minister, Enver Hoxhaj, holds rallies with citizens in Zhur, Has, Prizren, Malisheva and Krusha e Madhe:

18:00 – Prizren, hotel Rexos

19:30 – Malisheva, Palace restaurant

Agenda of AAK electoral rallies:

08:30 – Visit to “Fetoshi”, Xerxë

09:00 – Visit “Osa thermosystem”, Rahovec

09:30 – Visit to the basement “Haxhimurati”, Rahovec

09:45 – Visit to the “Old Basement”, Rahovec

10:00 – Visit to “Cenbaza”, Rahovec

11:00 – Meetings with farmers in Reshtan-Studencan, restaurant “Veranda”, Suhareka

12:30 – Visit to the furniture factory “Te Naseri” Shiroka, Suhareka

13:15-Visit to the family of the martyr in Sopija, Suhareka

16:00 – Election rally (Hotel “Lami”, Suhareka)

18:00 – Election rally (“Esra Palace”, Rahovec)

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