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Vuiqiiq comments on Slovenian proposal for the Balkans, says that “Greater Albania” is not hindering anyone – Latest News

Vuiqiiq comments on the Slovenian proposal for the Balkans, says that

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vuiqiiq, stated that they do not understand why no one in the “Belgrade Bazaar” made noise about what some offer a Greater Albania every day, but are concerned about the peaceful partition of Bosnia and Herzegovina and added that “Some attack something regardless of what it is about.”

Asked about Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansha’s alleged proposal for the peaceful partition of BiH, Vucic said that “since he does not know of any documents, he is not ready to condemn or praise anything he has not seen”.

He allegedly referred to the “Belgrade bazaar” which attacked the alleged proposal, saying “it is not clear to him how they could have known what it was all about”.

“You have nothing to do with what it is about, you have no idea if it is true or not, if there is something or not. “I do not know, but do you really believe that you know, if I do not know,” said the president of Serbia.

Vuçi pretend claims that he “says this not to condemn someone, but to show how pronounced auto-chauvinism is among Serbs and a part of the Serbian elite”, as he puts it, “quasi-intellectual”, who thinks that every time when one thinks that Serbs should gain something, even if this is not true, that he should be “beheaded”.

He said that none of them said a single word about the fact that “Serbia’s borders are changing”.

“Every day they are tearing Serbia apart, and every day they brag about it and say it is normal. It is normal for you that the European Parliament sent an official request to Serbia, but also for the five EU countries that did not recognize Kosovo’s independence, which must recognize it. “And then you come to explain to us how we should accept the partition of our territory,” Vucic said.

Serbia’s attitude towards BiH, as he claims, “is respect for the integrity of BiH, but also sovereignty where there is institutional sovereignty and institutional sovereignty of entities”.

“But I do not understand why some topics are allowed, why no one in the” Belgrade Bazaar “made noise about what they offer every day in a Greater Albania”, he said./express

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