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Period Syla Wins Silver Medal at European Mathematical Olympiad for Ladies

Kosovar student Era Syla has won a Silver Medal at the European Mathematical Olympiad for Girls-EGMO 2021. This is the first silver medal of Kosovo in a prestigious international Olympiad for students of pre-university education.

This news was announced by the Association of Mathematicians of Kosovo through a press release.

This is the full communiqué:

The 10th European Mathematical Olympiad for Girls – EGMO 2021 was successfully completed. The Kosovo team in this prestigious Olympics won a Silver Medal. This is Kosovo’s first silver medal in a prestigious international Olympiad for pre-university students.

EGMO is the most important European math competition for girls, in which almost all European countries participate and most countries outside Europe participate as guests, represented by the best math students. EGMO is the European math championship for high school students. Therefore, the arrival of the Wind is truly extraordinary.

Recall that this year the student Era Syla, thanks to the success in international mathematics Olympiads, was accepted to study mathematics at one of the best universities in the world, at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

This success of Era is first and foremost the result of her talent for mathematics and the work of her tireless dedication.

Also, this success of Era would be much more difficult without the professional support of colleagues and members of the Kosovo Mathematicians Association. On this occasion, a special thanks deserves the leaders of the Kosovo team: Team leader, mathematician Valmir Krasniqi and team deputy leader, mathematician Dorlir Ahmeti, who for years have made important contributions to the professional training of Olympic students talented in mathematics.

The Association of Mathematicians of Kosovo congratulates and congratulates the student Era Syla for the success achieved and for a worthy representation of the state of Kosovo in this prestigious Olympiad!

The Kosovo Mathematicians Association remains committed to contributing with all the opportunities and capacities available to support talented young people in the field of mathematics.

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