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Weather forecast for the next five days

On a cloudy and sunny weekend, it stays cool on Saturday and warmer on Sunday.

Rainy weather on Monday and Tuesday.

From Wednesday again hot and sunny.

According to Prishtina Weather, on the first weekend of July, it is forecasted to have cloudy and sunny weather, but unlikely for local rainy rains only on Sunday.

It stays cool on Saturday and a little warmer on Sunday.

In the first days of the first week of July, opportunities for thunderstorms are expected, and according to the latest forecasts, from Wednesday, a heat from North Africa again brings temperatures rise above 30C, where the weather is expected to continue. mostly sunny.

On weekends the air quality will generally be at acceptable and good values.

While the UV index will be at high values, therefore in these conditions during the noon hours, from 10 am to 4 pm, it is preferable to limit the longest stays in the sun.

3.07 – Cooler, sunny and cloudy during the day.

Clearings are expected in the evening.

4.07 – Mostly cloudy and sunny intervals.

Opportunities for local rain rigs are not excluded.

5.07 – Cloudy and sunny intervals during the day.

Thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon.

Occasional rainfall may continue in the evening.

6.07 – Mostly cloudy, with sunny intervals during the day.

Morning with opportunities for local rain riga.

7.07 – Hot and mostly sunny.

Minimum temperatures range from 12C to 15C, and maximums remain at 25C on Saturday, and from Sunday fluctuate from 27C to 29, and from Wednesday increase to 32C.

The wind will blow on average, mainly from the northwest and west with a speed of 4-12m / s.

Atmospheric pressure rises the next day, then tends to fall until Monday.

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