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Well-known humorist Cima sick with coronavirus, his daughter asks for blood from those who passed the virus

Adelina Thaçi Meta, the daughter of the well-known humorist Rasim Thaçi-Cima, is looking for people who have just passed the coronavirus for antibodies.

This is because “Cima” needs antibodies from blood group A negative or A positive and over 50 antibodies are needed.

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Hello friends, We are urgently looking for people who have just passed covidine, and who have a positive or A negative blood type, because we need to get your antibodies through their blood.

This is for my dad, we need over 50 antibodies.

Thank you in advance if anyone expresses the will has the opportunity.

Respectfully Adelina Th. for details write me in Inbox./Kosovarja/

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