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RWC “Prishtina”: Some tips for using water in residential buildings

Dear customers of RWC “Prishtina”, we all know the undeniable importance and values ​​that drinking water has for man and nature.

Drinking water is essential for life and is becoming increasingly important to our health.

Our contribution to water use should be focused on rational spending.

Water is not only saved in nature, we can also save water in our homes / apartments.

The purpose of the call for the fairest use of water is oriented towards the preservation of water resources for the coming periods. Reservoirs depend on two factors: atmospheric precipitation and the rational use of water by us.

Some tips on how to use drinking water as fairly as possible inside residential buildings,

-Check the sanitary equipment from time to time for any possible water leakage, especially in the toilet (toilet bowl) and the faucet of your bathroom. A hidden leak of water in the toilet can lead to damage of 30-500 liters of water. With the options you currently have, fix everything that flows in your bathroom.

-When washing your hands, face and teeth, always close the faucet well during the cleaning process and thus you save about 20 liters of water per minute.

-While you are taking a shower and meanwhile stop the faucet during cleaning, so you can save up to 570 liters of water per month

-It often happens that the water leaks in the toilet bowl are completely noiseless, so check from time to time.

-If you have water meters inside your apartment, check from time to time for any possible leaks but never manipulate it.

-When using the washing machine (washing machine) fill the boiler to its full capacity.

-When cleaning fruits and vegetables with water, do not allow water to flow constantly on them.

Clean your hands constantly with water, maintain personal hygiene but be careful in using drinking water!

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