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We’re happy with the achieved success

Strahinja and Stefan helped goalkeeper Vanja Miliković-Savić to save the net in Serbia beat Norway 2:0. they pointed out the saved net of our team as the biggest success.

It’s not easy to play away from home against one of the best strikers in the world in a must-win match.

“I’m proud of how we all played together as a team. We at the back kept our concentration the whole game. There was a lot of controversy about our defense, throughout the qualifiers and during this Nations League. Tonight we showed when we are together, when we play for each other that we can save anyone. I am very proud of the victory, the team play and of course the saved net in this game,” said Stefan Mitrović.

“I’m very satisfied with how we played. The most important thing is that we kept the net. We know how dangerous Haaland is, but there are no players here who will give him a lot of balls. So he didn’t have many chances today. We took three points, first mo, let’s go further,” added Strahinja Pavlović.

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