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What’s an mental for SANU lecturers in the present day?

Appreciated, underestimated, overrated, but always faced with great expectations – an intellectual. One of the key questions is: is there still a classical intellectual?

“Unfortunately, he does not exist, he is a part of the irreversible past. We could write an obituary for him with regret. Because the circumstances of intellectuals’ expressions, appearances, and manifestations have changed so much,” believes Alpar Lošanc, corresponding member of SANU.

Academician Tibor Varadi notes that there is indeed a tendency or some wave around us towards simplifying things and that is where intellectuals are much more inclined to accept schemes instead of looking at what is underneath the schemes.

In the face of contemporary intellectuals with the contradictions that determine their performance, the so-called “media intellectuals” appeared, while the classic – universal – seems to be disappearing.

“If there were no intellectuals of general practice, then we wouldn’t have intellectuals at all, we would have professional idiots or experts in certain fields. But I believe in that type, what is called common sense, and if I wanted to undermine all the definitions of an intellectual now, I would say that these are people who have common sense,” emphasizes Academician Vladimir Kostić, President of SANU.

In the time of social networks and emotional destructiveness, a new dimension of humanity and humanity is needed for the return of the ideal of “nobility of the spirit” – say SANU.

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