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Zaev: I would be disappointed if the EU does not give the green light to RMV and Albania – Latest News

Zaev: I would be disappointed if the EU does not give the green light to RMV and Albania

The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, told Balkan Talks on Euronews Albania that he would be disappointed if the EU did not give the green light to the country he leads and Albania.

He said both countries have been committed to implementing the reforms required by the European Union.

“I will be both disappointed and completely broken. “We have to work on the Europeanization of our countries, we are really committed and we really do not need new disappointments,” said Zaev.

The EU’s treatment of the crisis between Sofia and Skopje, for Prime Minister Zaev is helping to solve the problem.

According to him, the European Union is the only alternative that exists and no matter how disappointed he and the people have no other alternative.

“The European Union is helping us, the EU is the EU, for us it is sacred, we have no one but the European Union. The EU is the only alternative we have, and no matter how disappointed I and our people are, we have no other alternative. We only ask for the process of Europeanization to continue, at the moment we are not waiting for the next step, we are waiting half step “, said the Prime Minister of RMV.

Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varheji’s statement that the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Albania can split on their trip to the European Union, a statement that was not accepted and rejected by Germany and other countries, Zaev sees from a positive point of view, as The mandate and mission of the commissioner is EU enlargement.

According to Prime Minister Zaev, the European Union has the same standards regarding the opening of negotiations, for Northern Macedonia and Albania.

“The standards are the same, Commissioner Varhajli is our commissioner, he takes care of the EU enlargement and sometimes he gives certain messages so that he can promote talks, progress of reforms, solution of bilateral problems. “Bulgaria, by banning the RMV, in a way also blocks Albania, this is an unpleasant feeling”, stressed Zaev.

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