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Hoxhaj doesn’t affirm whether or not he’ll run for PDK chairman

The incumbent chairman of PDK, Enver Hoxhaj, has said that he supports the holding of the election convention of this party during June, but has not confirmed whether he will be a candidate for the party leader.

He said in the Rubicon of Klan Kosova that the new election convention should reflect the expectations of the membership and structures of PDK.

“I have visited the PDK branches these days and there is a request from the structures that the PDK should be opened as a reflection of the election result, bringing new people, it should be politically reorganized with a new political platform. It also needs to be reorganized in the organizational plan for a change to occur. In my opinion, as acting mayor, this should culminate with a convention that should be held during this month “, said Hoxhaj.

Hoxhaj added that the new chairman of PDK should have left this convention, but did not confirm whether he will be a candidate for this post.

“I have not thought so far. It is another debate “, said Hoxhaj.

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