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39,321 residents vaccinated to this point in Kosovo

The Ministry of Health has announced that vaccination against COVID-19 has continued today for citizens over the age of 65 registered in e-kosovo and according to the dates set by the Ministry of Health.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Health, during the last two days 7,742 citizens have been vaccinated with the vaccine against COVID-19, while the total number of vaccinated citizens so far is 39,321.

“Vaccination is continuing through the pre-appointment of citizens who have registered and applied through the e-Kosovo platform, who are contacted and invited by the Ministry of Health and MFMCs in municipalities, according to their available lists. In the coming days, the Ministry of Health will create additional opportunities for the registration of all citizens who must be vaccinated until the goal of vaccination of 60% of the population of Kosovo is achieved “, it is said in the announcement.

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