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About Beartin? Enca throws ‘fire’ at the rumors with this image

Enca has sparked even more gossip with the latest post.

Enca Haxhia continues to remain among the most commented names of Albanian pop, writes lajmi.net.

Finally, the singer published photos in the embrace of the former competitor of “Përputhen”, Beart Rexhepi, causing the rumors to start.

But, she has announced a new song, which is supposed to have Beart as part of her new music video.

However, a number of escorts believe that there is something more between Enca and Beart, so one escort asked him about this issue.

“Allahile, what is mixed between you and Beart because our portals are tired, you are like a star that was sent to house you”, he writes.

But, Enca made the fans even more curious by posting photos in bed with Beart, until he covered his face.

She labeled the former “Match” contestant and still left the issue of photos ‘mystery’. / News /

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