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Antonela is missing in the studio, Mevlani is affected

Today’s episode of Për’Puthen started without Antonella in the studio.

She left touched on Friday after photos of Ledjana and Mevlani where they looked very close.

Mevlani commented on Antonella’s action, where she paved the way for Ledjana.

“It is a great pressure and I understand that there will be a great pressure on the head, but we must give strength to ourselves, not all of us are strong to face it,” said Mevlani.

While Ledjana said that there is something more than is known by everyone between Mevlani and Antonella while she said that “You used me”.

“I want to ask her some questions about the words ‘You used me’, I think there is something here as long as she said those words,” said Ledjana.

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