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As you have not seen before, Fifi posts photos with bikini

Fifi has been commenting at length since she lost a lot of pounds last year and apparently this continues to be of interest to her fans.

Currently the singer is on vacation and did not spare us any photos with the bikini.

In one of the photos, Fifi states that she loves the body as it really is, while in the other post she has a message for all those who write to her with “fake” addresses.

“That’s also for you Fake Instagrams that you love me very much, follow me constantly and you do not want to express my love by name so that I do not think rrit”, she wrote.

She is very active on social networks, where she occasionally shares details from her personal life with fans.

Earlier, she shared a video where she looks very touched.

As she sang a part of the song “Jetike” by artist Semi Jaupaj, her eyes filled with tears.

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