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Bora Zemani amazes with the new photo set, posing in a bikini

Bora Zemani is one of the most commented and liked moderators for the public.

Bora Zemani has presented the most watched show in the country “Përputhen”.

This fact has made him even more liked by the audience during this time, writes “Kosovarja”.

She is commented and rumored a lot about her private life, especially about the connection she had with Donald Veshaj.

They ended their relationship a few months ago, and also commented a lot about the “Diss” that they from time to time made to each other on social networks.

The moderator gets a lot of attention with each of her posts on social networks, this happened recently, with some photos that Bora posted on her Instagram account.

She has posed in a bikini thus highlighting the perfect shapes she possesses.

She is looking very beautiful and quite attractive. / Kosovarja /

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