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Dardan Sejdiu indicates whether he will enter the race for Prishtina

Former Member of the Assembly of Kosovo Dardan Sejdiu admits that he would like to be the leader of the municipality of Pristina. Sejdiu who served in the municipality from 2014 to 2017 shows which candidate is ideal to lead in the capital.

“Due to my engagement in the municipality of Pristina from 2013-2017, although many citizens still think that I am in the municipality, in June 2017 I left the municipality to continue my engagement as an MP,” said Sejdiu.

“Due to the engagement in the municipality, there has been a lot of discussion about my name, for the fact that during those 3 and a half years that I have been in the municipality, I consider that I have done a good job”, he added.

“Even today I say publicly, if there is something that intrigues me in politics, that would turn me into public engagement is an ambition to lead Pristina for two reasons: first, I think Pristina needs a candidate, maybe in this race I will to have such, I do not know, there is a candidacy that is intriguing me “, said Sejdiu.

But Sejdiu does not plan to run in the October elections.

“In these races, not because we need a platform. “I will engage in building a platform for Pristina”, he stressed.

“Pristina needs a mayor who has no other ambitions. So during the mandate he has only one ambition, Prishtina “. “Prishtina needs someone who engages 365 days a year 24 hours a day to lead Prishtina”, stressed Sejdiu.

“For me, a candidate for mayor who comes out calmly draws plans, good photos, beautiful images, there is nothing competing. The candidate who does not have Prishtina in his heart and soul has nothing to compete with. “If you have a springboard in Prishtina, do not compete”, he stressed.

“People who have pernime should enter the race”, said Sejdiu.

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