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Dozens of cyclists march in honor of the Dutch National Day

Dozens of cyclists have marched from the neighborhood “Dardania” to the neighborhood “Arberia” in Pristina as part of the organization of the Dutch Embassy for the National Day of this country.

Also present is Ambassador Carin Lobbezoo, who today during a day through a message wished the National Day of this state, the birthday of King Williem Alexander.

Lobbozoo said, among other things, that despite the difficult times we are going through due to the pandemic, it has been proven how diverse the relations between Kosovo and the Netherlands are.

“Since it is the first King’s Day in Prishtina, I see a difficult period, but also interesting. “Despite the challenging circumstances, the past months have shown me how diverse and multifaceted the relations between Kosovo and the Netherlands are,” she said.

The ambassador added that the two countries are connected and inspired by art, therefore in the National Theater of Kosovo there will be a performance to mark the “King’s Day”.

“To underline our friendship, I hope that the dance ‘Pristine Conditions’ by the Dutch choreographer Arthur Kuggeleyn, which you will see and that will be performed by the National Ballet of Kosovo, will show us that, even in these difficult times of Covid, “Art connects and inspires us,” she added.

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