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Dua Lipa came to Albania after being given a villa in the south!

After the visit of the singer, comments have been numerous on social networks.

Even this afternoon, invited to the show “Rudina”, journalist Klotilda Harka has revealed a news kept secret until now.

According to her, Dua has a house in the south of Albania, since last year.

“It was not such a surprise in fact, because since last summer, I received information that Duas has been given a residence in the south of Albania, a residential villa and preparations for her arrival have started since last year, apparently a cooperation that is kept secret, between business, between owners.

They have donated them in return for advertising, of course to increase the value because it is normal that even foreigners will see it with a different eye, and maybe they will be future tourists.

“Preparations for Duan have been made for a year, it was not such a surprise, but it was kept secret to be really surprising news when we saw Duan in Tirana or in the south”, she declared.

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