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Horoscope 25 August


Today, there may be some minor frustrations, which are mainly related to friends, collective effort, group activity, altruistic acts, visions, goals and your ideals. If you are committed, try not to provoke with your behavior and your constant tendency for independence. If you are single do not believe that a warm friendly demeanor can mean flirting or love, because maybe you can take an erotic approach and be disappointed. Try to avoid quarrels in the social environment.


Today you need to pay special attention to all areas of your life, as there is a possibility that you will make some wrong actions, which will hinder or slow down your goals, your progress and your ambitions. In your career, you need to be careful and avoid mistakes that will be difficult to correct later. Also, it would be good not to take financial risks.


Today you will need a lot of attention, in conversations and contacts, in every area of ​​your life, which can hide traps. At the same time, the planets warn you to use logic, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences and delays, which relate to travel, home and family. If you are engaged, through some revelations or facts, you will discover that you had false hopes about an issue regarding your relationship, that you were very optimistic and that you had set very high love goals for your partner. If you are single, limit your expectations and enthusiasm when it comes to flirting and new acquaintances. Seriousness and maturity should characterize you, professionally and financially.


Today you have to be quite careful in your assessments and words, as there is a tendency for losses, failures or even deceptions. Moreover, the planets advise you to stay away from lies and rumors, but also in general remember, that words are not believed, without actions. If you are single, today will probably bring you a romantic and interesting acquaintance. Today it has a very negative effect on your finances, especially issues with debts and taxes.


Dear Luan, today prepare to face a lot of confusion in the field of your interpersonal relationships. At the same time, the planets warn you to be careful in your behavior, as it is possible that even a small lie will have bad consequences. If you are engaged, there will be a strong feeling of betrayal and disappointment in your relationship ! Avoid tensions and quarrels. If you are single, insist on not seeing clearly some things about the person you care about. In the field of work, you are disappointed by the behavior of colleagues and co-workers towards you. You will also need to be careful in the finance sector.


Dear Virgo, today you will have added duties and responsibilities, which will really stress you out. You need to mobilize your forces and respond as best you can. Also the planets advise you to listen to the voice of reason and not of the heart. If you are single there will be a flirtation in your work environment. In the career field, make sure you maintain a good relationship with your colleagues, even if you think they will challenge you with their behavior. Economically, a solution comes from where you do not expect it.


Today you have to stand on the ground, not seek temporary success, and not believe too much praise and big words. If you are single make sure you are wary of new acquaintances, flirtations and conquests, which may not be as perfect as they seem. Professionally you can welcome new opportunities.


Today, you have to be very careful when it comes to your estimates. There will most likely be confusion in your family and home environment and you will need to use all your logic in order to make the right decisions. If you are engaged, try to avoid excessive complaints. If you are single again you are mistakenly dealing with a person from the past and in the end you will be disappointed as you will not succeed in trying to reconnect! The field of work needs attention and maturity.


Today, you may think that your logic can not help you in critical decisions and situations, as the landscape is quite cloudy and your illusions even more so. It would be good to avoid any kind of new beginning and be careful in your movements. If you are single, try to avoid misunderstandings in communicating with the person you care about, but also in flirting in general. If you are engaged, make sure you discipline yourself and improve your relationship. You will have to professionally review a few things and you will surely feel that you can not concentrate.


Comrade Capricorn, today you will rely more on your intuition than on objective and logical criteria. If you are single, do not rely on new acquaintances. Professionally, you feel you do not have enough time to complete some pending issues.


Dear Aquarius, today try not to spoil your good mood, because of disappointment. If you are single, try not to be distracted by words or situations that are not what they seem. Better to avoid new beginnings, which will prove to be illusions and wrong choices. If you are engaged, avoid lies, secrets, but also nerves, towards your partner, because in the end you will be lost. Do not take anything for granted in the professional and financial field, because risk, haste and excessive trust will cause damage.


Today your mood will “drop” suddenly. Get ready to face it calmly. If you are single you will most likely learn a love secret that bothers you directly and so on. If you are engaged and keeping secrets from your partner or are involved in illegal sexual activities, some revelations today will expose your relationship and put it at risk. In the field of work some additional costs arise and you may be a little more stressed.

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